An Unforgettable Heartwarming CONSERVATION EXPERIENCE

In partnership with Care for Wild, Mpumalanga Helicopter Co. offers you a unique fly-in opportunity to visit an extraordinary sanctuary for orphaned rhinos. Founded by Petronel Nieuwoudt, Care forWild is the world’s largest rhino rehabilitation centre providing highly specialized care for young rhinos left orphaned and defenceless by poachers. Here you will see first-hand how one person’s vision, determination, passion, and perseverance have positively impacted the rescue and care of young rhinos affected by poaching.


The successful rehabilitation of an orphaned rhino calf takes commitment, dedication,and above all, time.

There are multiple stages within the journey, each phase is designed to heal, nurture, and prepare the growing calf for release back into the wild.

Your visit to the centre is a unique chance to be a small part of this incredible journey, the highlight of the activity is meeting some of the sanctuary’s patients and helping with feeding.

Your tour ends with a video illustrating the Sanctuary’s Mission, Purpose, and Vision for caring for and protecting rhinos.

Care for Wild is not open to the general public. Mpumalanga Helicopter Co has an agreement to offer this unique activity with understanding and respect for the Sanctuary’s primary role of caring for the rhino, and the necessary confidential nature of their operations. Please be aware that time is of the essence when rescuing and caring for traumatized rhinos, and as such,some areas of the sanctuary may not be accessible during your visit.

For further information on this life-changing experience, please download the full package details and rates below…

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